Operational Accounts of the 41/47RTR

From North Africa through Italy

After the hostilities in North Africa ended the Regiment moved from Tunis back to Tripoli, in Libya. From here (less HQ Sqn) they embarked for Egypt.

On Arrival in Egypt the Regiment re-equipped and formed part of the Sicily invasion force. HQ Sqn remained in North Africa moving gradually along to Algiers and in March 1944 embarked for Italy.

In the meantime A, B, and C Sqn’s had advanced as far as Capula, north of Naples. In April 1944 HQ Sqn joined them and after nearly a year of dispersal the Regiment was once again together as a complete unit. Needless to say the reunions of old friends were many and happy.

The 141st Assault Regiment R.A.C./R.E

At Capula considerable changes were made to the composition of the Regiment and its identity was changed to "The 141st Assault Regiment RAC/RE". A complete Field Park Squadron of the Royal Engineers was taken on strength and this became A Sqn.

Equipment consisted of Shermans, Scorpions, Sherman Bulldozers and Churchill AVRE’s (Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers). Training was very intensive, as the Engineer Squadron had to start armoured vehicle training from scratch.

In August 1944 the Regiment moved to the Adriatic coast sector of the Italian front and great activity marked the preparations for the attack on the Gothic Line. During the next few months the Regiment partook in the various engagements on the Adriatic front and November found them in Rimini.

In May 1945 the enemy in Italy Surrendered and at this time the Regiment was still operating with the 8th Army in North East Italy.

On the 8th of May 1945 it was officially announced that Germany had capitulated.

With the end of hostilities came disbandment, and without fuss or ceremony the Regiment was written off, but during six years of war the Regiment had put in good solid work and had efficiently carried out all tasks allotted to it.